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p h o t o g r a p h e r

performing arts centers
theatres, halls, & opera houses
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north york pac/toronto, ontario
orange county pac/orange, ca
ordway music center/minneapolis, mn
orpheum theatre/memphis, te
orpheum theatre/new orleans, la
orpheum theatre/omaha, nebraska
oscar mayer theatre/madison, wi
ovens auditorium/charlotte, nc
the paramount/seattle, washington
paramount theatre/oakland, ca
peace center for the perf arts/greenville, sc
royce hall/u of c at los angeles, ca
san diego symphony hall/san diego, ca
sandwich opera house/sandwich, il
san fransisco opera house-bill graham civic center/ca
sottile theatre/college of charlson, south carolina
space theatre/denver center/denver, colorado
spivey hall/clayton state college/morrow, georgia
springfield symphony hall/springfield, massachusetts
state theatre/minneapolis, minnisota
summerlin pac/las vegas, nevada

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